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We are on a mission to change the way that young people engage with brands and discover their future careers. We work closely with Employers, Schools, Colleges, Careers Advisers and our team of NGTU Ambassadors to drive awareness of the fantastic alternatives to university.

Our Values

  • Person centred - We're a company built on supporting young people in finding their future careers. Everything we do is with young people and their futures in mind.

  • Responsibility - We are committed to fulfilling our duty to give back to our community.

  • Excellence - We pursue excellence and simplicity in all aspects of our work. Each member of our team is selected based on their expertise, rather than their background. This allows us to continue to offer amazing and evolving services to our clients.

  • Inclusive - We work with industry experts in Disability and LGBT+ awareness to ensure our offer is inclusive to all young people.

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Our Commitments

We are committed to striving to offer our clients a 360 support to finding the next generation of talent for their business. This is why we continually develop our company offering and have added NGTU Create and NGTU Recruit to our business services. Under the NGTU group, you can now build your employer brand,  advertise your early career opportunities to 75,000+ website visitors per month and outsource the fulfillment of your early career job roles.