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Change the way young people engage with brands and discover their future careers.

Watch Series 1: Generation Covid

Children leaving school and college are facing challenges not seen for generations.

The role of employers has never been more important. So we brought together leaders in career advice and talent attraction, along with students and apprentices, to talk about the issues facing us and what employers can do.

Episode 1: Jess hosts a panel discussion with a student, apprentice and first time jobber to give you an insight into their life during COVID-19.

Episode 2: Jess and the panel's discussion moves on to how organisations should market themselves, how they can help guide them, and what benefits they should offer.

Episode 3: Chris hosts a panel discussion with Atkins, Co-op, and AstraZenica to talk about what they've been doing during COVID-19 and how organisations should market themselves.


Be part of the discussion, and the solution.

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Discussion, collaboration and action are all important to change the way young people engage with brands and discover their future careers.


Join our panel of experts to help us drive the conversation in the early careers space. Online panel discussions, in-person events, podcasts, and more. Join in and share your experience, opinion and advice while networking with like-minded innovators.

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