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Not Going to Uni wanted to further understand the thoughts of young people about how what really matters to them when entering the workplace. This would help us to inform the employers we work with about how they can better share, explain and improve their early years offer. In order to do this, we did a student survey.


Seems simple right? It was. The clever element of the campaign was how we got students to complete the survey.


The survey was more detailed that just a tick box activity and we wanted to really drill down into the thoughts of the young people. Therefore, we would need them to invest their time into the survey. Attention spans of young people are often short (there is a reason that TikTok videos are a maximum of 3 minutes).


The average time to complete our survey was 10:23 minutes. We needed to find a way to engage and incentivise students to complete the survey when many schools were saying that the end of term was not the time to try and do this!

Campaign Objectives




Obtain honest opinions from students

Ensuring we had a wide and diverse range of responses that weren't from one location or background

Testing how the survey ran across different devices as a learning tool to help our clients gain more from their own student surveys

Our key aims were to:

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survey views in 2 weeks


start to completion rate




In order to increase the number of survey responses, we offered students the chance to be entered into a draw to win a pair of Apple Airpods. To take part, they just needed to leave their email address. This seemed a small financial expense on our part to get the responses we wanted from students.


We used our school network and asked them to include the survey link in their newsletter, providing the script to go with this to ensure it was as easy as possible for them to include us. We estimate that this got us around 50 responses.


To increase the number of responses, we then ran a paid social campaign across Instagram and Snapchat, targeting the specific age (16-19) we wanted to target. We created eye catching imagery (including the Apple Airpods) and spent £250 on the advert to get the responses we needed.