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Brand Ambassadors role in early careers recruitment

Brand Ambassadors have played a role in university recruitment for some time now. Should you attend a university visit as a school group, you are often greeted by university ambassadors - also known as student representatives, student ambassadors or student guides. So, why has it taken so long for early careers recruitment to catch up and see the benefits of utilising ambassadors? Let’s explore…

What is a brand ambassador

Traditionally, brand ambassadors are people employed or contracted by a company to help generate sales or exposure for a business. These people can work directly for the company, or can be an external person, such as a social media influencer. According to the Digital Marketing Institute, 70% of Teens trust influencers more than traditional celebrities.

This is why utilising brand ambassadors for your early careers recruitment can help you engage with and influence your target audience, presuming you are looking to promote your apprenticeship programmes to school or college leavers.

Who in your organisation could be a brand ambassador

Honestly, anyone! Being a brand ambassador can be as simple as recording a reel about their job, answering questions on a school talk or being available to take potential future employees on a workplace tour.

The only thing we would suggest considering when you are looking to build your brand ambassador network internally is who young people are going to engage with the most. In our experience, this is your current apprentices who are found to be relatable as they have recently been through your recruitment process.

A runner up in terms of engaging young people would be experts within the industry. If you have staff who have been with your company for a number of years, been promoted several times and are specialists within their industry, young people often engage well with these employees. And, whether seasoned pros or apprentices, the more charismatic - the better!

Who can you work with outside your organisation

This is where we can help. Trying to find influencers within the early careers space was difficult, with a lot of influencers focusing on more profitable industries like fashion, lifestyle and/or gaming. We set up Inspire Influencer Agency so that employers could reach and work with early careers influencers.

These influencers are also NGTU ambassadors, meaning they are part of our ambassador programme and have chosen to grow their following to be able to help guide young people on their journeys as well as supporting employers to reach talent. For more information on how we can work together, please get in touch.

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