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Managing your early careers content calendar

The early careers world is fast paced with lots of moving parts and different calendars to consider. From internal project deadlines to external awareness events, like National Apprenticeship Week and National Careers Week. Trying to keep on top of everything will require close content management, here are our top tips to managing your content calendar.

Plan 3 months at a time

Whether it’s reels, informative videos or good old fashioned written content, trying to tackle 12 months at once would be a big ask. Breaking your content plan down into 3 monthly mini plans will help to keep it manageable and will also allow natural breaks to meet and review your content.

We would suggest having a three month calendar then start by adding in any national holidays, awareness weeks and celebration days. You can then work your content around these dates, adding things like countdowns, top tips and promoting your plans for each scheduled event.

Use a content scheduler

If you’re still manually posting to social media or sending your marketing emails out, allow us to welcome you to the 21st century! You can now schedule all of your content. This means you can spend allocated time ensuring everything is scheduled for a week, fortnight or even the full month.

  • Here are a range of social media schedulers: Sprout, Buffer, Later and SocialPilot - they all have free offers so you can find the one you like best.

  • Here are a range of email platforms: Ascend by Wix, MailChimp, Hubspot and Moosend - again, there are free and paid versions so have a browse and see which suits your needs the most.

Have a mixture of posts

Using solely static posts will not drive the best engagement. In fact, according to a YouTube survey, 50% of millennials and Gen Z generations said they "couldn't live" without video in their daily lives. This makes video a strong contender for sharing your early career opportunities and building brand reputation.

As well as considering the format of your post, you also need to consider the call to action. Not all posts should have the same outcome or signpost readers to the same place. Consider having a range of informative posts, news/trending posts, promotional posts and “behind the scenes” posts.

Assign different content owners

This one is really important! You do not have to be responsible for creating all of the content that goes out on your early careers channels. In fact, when it comes to video, the more relatable the content, the more helpful it will be to your target audience. Why not consider getting your current apprentices on board to help you create engaging content?

Other members of your team, including senior staff, should also be involved in “owning” certain content. Remember, this isn’t just video content. For example, your Head of Engineering could write a blog post about what workplace training is provided to new engineering apprentices.

Have a bank of evergreen content

There will be weeks, or even months, where things are a little quiet and you don’t have much content to post. Content is all about quality and you should never just post for the sake of it. So, consider having a bank of evergreen content that you can use during these quiet periods. Evergreen content are things that can be posted any time and will always be useful to your followers.

Here are some examples of evergreen content:

  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • “How To” Guides

  • Tutorials

  • Testimonials

  • Industry Resources

  • Glossaries of Terms and Phrases

  • “History of” Articles

Update and review your plan regularly

As we mentioned under our first tip, having a 3 monthly calendar allows you to have a regular, consistent time to review your content. We would suggest doing this as a team rather than an independent task. The more people you can involve in generating new content ideas, the better! As your whole organisation to take a look at your social channels and the content you are producing and send any ideas for improvement. Everyone from your Apprentices through to your Director will have some helpful guidance on how you can improve your posts.

If you need support, check out our social page to see how we have helped previous employers to increase engagement, impressions and click throughs from their social content.

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