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What employment benefits are students REALLY looking for?

At NGTU Group, we spend a lot of time listening to our ambassadors and running student surveys to ensure the advice we are giving our employer partners is accurate based on young people’s wants and needs. One of the key topics of conversation recently has been about the employment benefits on offer, and what students are really looking for.

Here are the top responses that we have had from young people…

Flexible working

Young people are keen to have the opportunity to manage their workload flexibly, this will look different for each individual. Some prefer working from home, others from the office or a mixture of the two. The key thing here is that there is a discussion and the potential to vary working patterns. The same goes for hours of work.

Days off for charity work

We are seeing a generation of young people who care and want to make a difference. Which is great as it’s exactly what the world needs! For this reason, a company that cares is really important too. What are you doing to go the extra mile for your local community? What opportunity do your staff have to support the causes they care about?

Training and Development

This is nothing new. Ambitious young people want, and need, the opportunity to grow within your business. Training for their job role now is important, but they will also want to see potential roadmaps for the future and what there development with you could look like.

Extra memberships

This varied with each young person we spoke to, some said a Spotify membership would be great whereas others weren’t so interested in this benefit. It is worth speaking to each cohort of young people you recruit to see what matters to them. Even small things like a gym membership, library pass or subscription can go a long way to ensuring they feel valued.

“Standard” benefits

It is worth mentioning that benefits such as holiday and sick pay are still important. However, are now very much seen as “standard” benefits. If you still have anything listed in your company benefits that says staff are paid for bank holiday (... D’Uh!), we would suggest it is time for a review. Students know this is statutory, therefore isn’t REALLY a benefit.

We have found that other important factors for young people when researching career options are company culture, social responsibility, opportunity to progress and diversity within the organisation. For more information on how you can review your early careers offer, please get in touch.

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