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QA is the UK’s leading tech skills provider, developing the skills and capabilities for everyone from apprentices to business leaders. They empower over a quarter of a million learners every year to thrive in the workplace. Because they exist at the forefront of the digital revolution, they are able to provide the skills needed to build a new digital culture and to enrich society — one learner at a time. Over the last 10 years, QA has jump-started over 30,000 careers through their apprenticeships and degree apprenticeships.


QA know that their apprenticeship programmes are fantastic, they offer amazing benefits and have all the ingredients to attract young people to their roles. However, they found that without a way to get their opportunities in front of young people seeking apprenticeships, they struggled to get the applicants they needed to successfully recruit for and fill their vacancies.

Campaign Objectives

QA began working with NGTU over 5 years ago to support the recruitment for their various apprenticeship positions. The aim of the partnership was to:




Increase the number of young people seeing their opportunities

Increase the number of applications to their vacancies

Increase their brand exposure in the apprenticeship and early career sector

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Views of Opportinities


Applications to Roles


Provider Views


Prior to working with NGTU, QA found that getting their roles in front of the right audience was difficult. By using our premium provider feature, they have had their opportunities viewed by 537,807 potential applicants. In addition to the realistic pricing for the premium provider package, QA also felt that the high number of people accessing the NGTU site and social media channels each month would help to heighten their exposure and meet the aims mentioned above. NGTU has been a key strategic partner to help obtain the reach, applications and candidates QA need to ensure they have the right talent in the right job roles. QA can’t lead the way in tech without innovative minds with a passion for the subject, or the platform to reach those minds.