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The goal for University Centre Newbury (UCN)was to increase brand exposure and also increase student application numbers for the 2021/22 academic year. NGTU helped us target our key audience and also helped raise awareness of the UCN to local people in the Thames Valley region who want a qualification without going down the traditional University route.


As a new higher education provider, the UCN is still unknown as an option to the local community. We know we needed to build brand awareness within our specific audiences, but weren't sure of the best way to reach them to get our message across.

Campaign Objectives




Increase awareness of our courses and offer

Increase applications to our courses

Ensure the right people are seeing our courses through
specific marketing campaigns

When choosing to partner with NGTU, our key aims were to:

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Open rate on the NCU email


Organic applications on the
NGTU site


Clicks to apply from the NCU
Social campaign


NGTU helped us build awareness and promote our courses to specific audiences. We received an increase in enquires and interest in many of our courses. NGTU was a great match for the UCN as it promotes alternative routes to gaining a higher education qualification. We were able target our courses to specific audiences in the Thames Valley region via the site’s search function and also through solus email campaigns. We initially ran a 4 month campaign with NGTU and was impressed with the results we received. Traffic to our website increased, we received a number of applications and enquires as a result. We are already planning our next campaign for the 2022/23 academic year with the help of NGTU.