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How to engage Gen Z on TikTok: A guide for employers

Understanding and Engaging Gen Z: The Power of TikTok

In today's digital landscape, understanding and engaging Gen Z is crucial for employers looking to attract and retain top talent. Gen Z are not only tech-savvy but also have distinct preferences and behaviours, especially regarding social media.

One platform that stands is TikTok.

Chris Le'cand-Harwood chats with and Conor Cotton [MD of Not Going to Uni] about how Gen Z use TikTok and share some valuable tips for employers.

The Growing Influence of TikTok

TikTok, owned by ByteDance, has become a social media powerhouse. In the UK alone, nearly 23 million users are aged 18 and above, with a significant proportion between 18 and 34. This platform's reach is not limited to entertainment; it has evolved into a multifaceted tool that influences everything from music charts to financial advice.

TikTok as a Learning and Information Hub

Contrary to the perception that TikTok is solely a platform for dances and music, it has become a vital source of information and learning for Gen Z. For instance, TikTok is the second most popular place for under-25s to seek financial advice and follow parents and family. This shift underscores TikTok's role as a significant educational resource, providing insights into various topics, including personal finance, fitness, cooking, and news.

The Power of Trends and Authentic Content

One fascinating aspect of TikTok is its ability to revive old songs and trends. Songs released decades ago can re-enter the charts thanks to their resurgence on TikTok as trending sounds. This phenomenon highlights the platform's ability to breathe new life into forgotten content and showcases the power of trends.

Moreover, TikTok serves as a modern news outlet. Users can get real-time updates on world events directly from those experiencing them. For example, during the storms in Dubai in April 2024, many users shared their experiences, providing authentic, first-hand accounts of the situation. User-generated content (UGC) is often seen as more trustworthy and relatable than traditional media sources.

Tips for Employers to Engage Gen Z on TikTok

Given TikTok's prominence, employers must understand how to leverage this platform to engage with Gen Z. Here effectively are some practical tips:

  • Understand the Ecosystem

To engage Gen Z, employers must immerse themselves in the TikTok ecosystem. Creating an account and spending time on the platform allows you to understand the content that resonates with this audience. It's essential to move past any preconceived notions about age and embrace TikTok as a valuable tool for engagement.

  • Leverage In-House Talent

Organisations likely have employees who are already active on TikTok. Engaging these individuals can provide insights into the platform and help create authentic content. This approach leverages their expertise and empowers employees, making them feel valued and involved.

  • Create Authentic and Relatable Content

Behind-the-scenes content is viral on TikTok. People enjoy seeing the authentic, unpolished side of organisations. Sharing day-in-the-life videos, company events, and employee stories can help humanise your brand and make it more relatable to potential recruits.

  • Utilise Existing Content

If your company has podcasts, live event footage, or brand videos, repurpose this content for TikTok. Short, engaging clips tailored to the platform's style can extend the reach of your existing material and engage a broader audience.

  • Encourage User-Generated Content

Encouraging employees and even customers to create content related to your brand can amplify your reach. User-generated content is perceived as more authentic and trustworthy, making it a powerful tool for engagement.


TikTok is more than just a platform for entertainment; it is a dynamic tool for learning, staying informed, and connecting with others.

For employers, understanding and leveraging TikTok is crucial for engaging Gen Z. By immersing in the platform, utilising in-house talent, creating authentic content, repurposing existing material, and encouraging user-generated content, employers can build a meaningful presence on TikTok and attract top talent from the Gen Z cohort.

Embracing TikTok is not just about following trends but understanding and connecting with the next generation of professionals in a way that resonates with them.

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