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Testimonials and Case Studies

Hear from some of our fantastic clients on their experience working with NGTU Group to drive applications, brand awareness, create content and more📈

“The NGTU Create team are some of the best creative partners I have worked with, they’re not afraid to put forward new ideas to enrich your content strategy and always go above and beyond to craft content that meets your aims"
- Chloe Winyard

“The Not Going to Uni Team are a great partner for us. We trust their in-depth understanding of the early careers market and what makes gen z tick. We really like their passion for helping young people"
- Wg Cdr Tracey Broome


“Not Going To Uni has been an invaluable partner. Their team has demonstrated unparalleled support, professionalism, and responsiveness throughout our collaboration. They make the process of finding and recruiting seamless and efficient."
- Davide Giordani

NGTU Create🎬

View some of the fantastic showreels and case studies from our client projects via the button below⬇️

QA know that their apprenticeship programmes are fantastic, they offer amazing benefits and have all the ingredients to attract young people to their roles. However, they found that without a way to get their opportunities in front of young people seeking apprenticeships, they struggled to get the applicants they needed to successfully recruit for and fill their vacancies.

Campaign Objectives

1) Increase the number of young people seeing the opportunites.

2) Increasing the number of applications. 

3) Increasing their brand exposure in the early careers market.

Campaign Results

537,807 Views of Opportunites

6,202 Applications for Roles

3,023 Provider Views

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