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Our NGTU Partnership Managers

Our Partnership Managers are responsible for finding a range of employers and training providers to advertise their early career opportunities on our website. They use their expertise of the early careers industry and knowledge of Gen Z to create bespoke campaigns for every client, to ensure all recruitment needs and targets can be met. Nerys has been working at Not Going to Uni for 7 years and has been on the sales team since 2018. She’s shared what a typical day looks like in her role, why she loves working in sales and some of the skills required to do the job effectively.

‘’I transferred to the Sales team from the Customer Success Team after one year of being at NGTU. Some of what I do now includes a lot of the framework from being in the Success team, such as having a strong relationship with my clients, with regular communication on both emails and video calls and always staying at least one step ahead!

My Sales role includes a core set of clients and prospects to keep in contact with, where an email can turn into a discovery call. Here we will discuss challenges, goals and plans for the coming cohort/year ahead. I will spend time listening and asking more questions to the employer so I can get a full picture of the goals they have and suggest what inventory can help support their early career goals.

Once the initial call is done, I go away and put together a bespoke proposal, which includes various options to best match the needs of our prospects and clients. This can include our website inventory and other services (NGTU Create & Social). We will generally have a check in call sometime after the proposal is sent to discuss which option works best for them, and once this has been agreed, we will send an order for their e-signature and return.

Once this is back, one of our Customer Success Managers will be in touch with next steps, that includes a welcome call, where they discuss the inventory agreed within their campaign and the requirements for all aspects of their package. Throughout the campaign we keep in touch with our clients, ensuring everything is running smoothly and is on track.

When I’m not speaking with upcoming prospects and clients, I go through my daily admin tasks and plan for the week ahead. It’s imperative I stay organised, so I can keep track of who I’ve spoken with, if I need to reach out to an existing client and keep them informed about new offerings that they could get involved in.

Every month, I engage on LinkedIn and post about anything relating to early careers, Not Going to Uni and my own personal experiences that my network might find interesting. LinkedIn is really beneficial, as I search and contact future prospects.

From time to time, I also like to attend B2C and B2B events, where I have the opportunity to have insightful conversations with students, parents, and career advisers who are needing next steps advice and guidance on what’s available to them after leaving school or college.

I would say my key skills for this sales role are:

  • Staying motivated

  • Having a consultative way, not salesy!

  • Problem solver

  • Good listener and to listen a lot!

  • Organised and methodical

  • Enjoy forming working relationships and a real interest in helping others

  • Good knowledge of the early careers sector

  • Strong communicator and keeping in touch with clients and knowing how often to follow up without being a nuisance!

  • Being creative in your thinking and addressing issues

I love being in sales because I'm driven by goals, I love meeting new people and solving their challenges and I get such a good feeling when a client confirms to work with us. It's job satisfaction all wrapped up for me!’’

If you want to work with a multi-award winning agency to reach your early careers recruitment targets, please email or call us on 0203 691 2800. You can also discover all of our services by viewing our media deck.

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