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Using webinars to attract Gen Z

Webinars have become increasingly popular in the last few years, especially since the pandemic. Linking to our previous blog, you’ll know that video content is a big trend for 2023, and webinars are an effective way to educate, inform and raise brand awareness for your company. If you are looking to engage with Gen Z, it is important to note that they prefer to watch or listen than to read, therefore hosting a webinar is a great way to get their attention and interact with them. Below are some useful statistics about webinars that you should keep in mind:

  • 95% of businesses believe webinars are an important part of their marketing strategy

  • 73% of B2B companies say webinars are the best way to generate high-quality leads

  • 61% of companies use webinars as a content marketing tactic

First thing to consider is the date and time of your webinar. It’s crucial to get this right when planning, so it’s important to understand everything you can about your target audience before finalising. Further stats provide some insights that could help maximise engagement and audience attendance:

  • Tuesday, Wednesdays, and Thursdays are the best days to host webinars

  • 11 AM and 2 PM are the best times to host a webinar

  • 92% of attendees say they benefit from a Q&A session at the end of a webinar

*Statistics are from bloggingwizard

What are the benefits of hosting a webinar? Take a look below!

  • You can reach a large audience

  • It’s an opportunity to share your expertise on your industry

  • Increases audience engagement

  • It is extremely cost-effective

  • You can repurpose clips from the webinar into short form content for social media campaigns

  • People who can’t attend will still be able to watch it at a later date (if you record your webinar)

  • It’s a great way to interact with your audience (Q&A at the end)

Did you know, you can actually partner with Not Going To Uni to host a webinar? We will help you with everything from the planning and marketing to delivery and post-session feedback, but why should you consider hosting a webinar with NGTU?

  • We can increase your brand awareness and reach out to our audience of over 30,000 16-24 year olds and 1500+ careers leaders

  • We have expertise in the early careers space -your webinar could feature guest speakers from members of our team and our ambassador network, made up of people who are currently studying various different apprenticeships

  • We would help create the resources for the webinar - content and assets will be designed by our marketing team and sent over for approval

  • There will be a marketing plan to help promote the webinar - this will involve email marketing and organic & paid social media advertising leading up to the webinar

  • Our NGTU Create team can edit the webinar to repurpose the content - you can then use this as short form video content through social media, so people can watch the webinar in their own time

We recently hosted a webinar in partnership with Amazon. It was very interactive, discussing apprenticeships in general and apprenticeships at Amazon. It was great to see lots of audience engagement and passion for the apprenticeship route, we could host something similar for you too!

Webinars can be a great recruitment marketing and brand awareness tool, but there are many factors you need to consider beforehand to ensure it is marketed and organised efficiently. If you would like to discuss an opportunity to host a webinar with Not Going To Uni, please get in touch by emailing

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