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Who are the NGTU Customer Success Team?

Updated: Feb 7

Written by Emily Dujon, NGTU Customer Success Manager:

Our NGTU Customer Success Managers are your friendly faces and main point of contact once you have decided to work with us and ironed out the finer details. We are introduced and are then responsible for managing the delivery of your attraction campaign and helping to support you in reaching your goals. As simple as it seems, there are many different elements of the job that make up a comprehensive skill set helping guide you on your recruitment marketing journey.

Facing challenges

We will work closely with your team and our specialists within NGTU to ensure the smooth running of your campaign. With your requirements in mind, we consider ways to assist with any challenges that may present themselves to the best of our ability. As with any recruitment campaign, there are potential pitfalls that any organisation may come up against, whether that be a niche sector, higher qualification requirements, tricky locations, or time restraints, it can all come into play. Luckily, it’s nothing we haven’t come across before and although there are no guarantees, the CS team can always suggest ways of getting over difficult hurdles from past experiences or new developments in our services.

Reports that keep you informed

Depending on the length of your campaign we will be sending through regular reports on your performance. We look for the KPI’s indicating something may need to be tweaked or refreshed. For example, with our managed social media ad campaigns, your creative may be coming across as inauthentic, too wordy or fatigued. We can offer suggestions for different platforms from our training on what we know tends to work best. These stat reports not only keep you up to date but give you a chance to look over the data we share, where you are able to glean gender, race and socio-economic status of your candidate pool, helping you analyse the data that matters to you.

We can offer support and advice.

We enjoy having catch up calls, if possible, to touch base with you. We know how busy the days can become, often turning into weeks or months, so it’s important to carve out some time to focus purely on your campaign, so nothing is left neglected. As mentioned, no problem is too big, for example, even if the agreed inventory becomes impossible to deliver for any reason, we will work with you to decide what our options are and how you can get the most out of your campaign. We often support with uploading roles when you do not have capacity within your organisation and if the requirement is unmanageable, we can offer automated solutions to ensure you can still showcase all of your great opportunities to our young audience.

We deliver!

Most vitally we ensure your inventory is booked in the initial phase and delivered on time. We know it’s crucial to target those key dates in your recruitment calendar, so you have enough time to build brand awareness and list those opportunities with enough time to scoop up the best talent.

How can we achieve success together?

With reciprocated contact we can consult you effectively, offer guidance on things you may need help with and build a good rapport, so we can learn and grow a great working relationship. We can’t stress enough the difference communicative engagement between us can make to the performance of your campaign as we have lots to learn from each other. Collaboration is key and we have long standing relationships with many of our clients that we hold dear. It’s no accident these campaigns go from strength to strength as we continue working together.

Meet our NGTU CS Managers

Naomi - Head of Customer Success

I am Naomi and I head up the Customer Success team at Not Going To Uni. I started working here over a decade ago as a marketing intern on a placement year from university, continued working whilst completing my degree... and the rest is history!

When finishing my A-Levels I was never exposed to all of the fantastic opportunities that exist outside of the university route which in turn has led me to have a real passion for what I do now.

When I am not working, I am a mummy to a toddler (the highlight of being at work is being able to drink a hot coffee!). And when I have time to myself I enjoy shopping, spending time with family and friends and exploring nice restaurants!

Emily - Customer Success Manager

I joined the NGTU team before my graduation ceremony in 2015 receiving my bachelor's degree in English Language and Linguistics.

Previous roles were in retail and the nightclub industry but I really found my feet and entered the working world at Not Going to Uni on the Customer Success team, capitalising on my best talent… talking! My experience of university and the lack of options presented to me at the time gave me a great perspective of what we are trying to achieve here at NGTU.

My interests include Yoga (recently qualifying as a teacher) and all round wellness. Also theatre trips whenever I can squeeze them in!

What some of your clients think about our CS team

"We have worked with Not Going To Uni for a number of years to support our apprenticeship attraction, with numbers growing year on year. Emily and the team have always been incredibly helpful and have always been on hand to offer advice/amendments for our roles and inventory. The system has always been incredibly seamless to use and we really value the partnership between Unilever and Not Going To Uni as one of our key attraction tools." - Dom Cowley - Future Careers Recruitment Specialist - Unilever

“Not Going To Uni is an important advertising partner of ours. We have a strong relationship and work collaboratively to support the recruitment of our apprentices. Not Going To Uni provides great advice and guidance on our vacancy listings, use of inventory and campaigns. The CS team always delivers excellent customer service.” - Alicia Jdali, Babcock

“We have found NGTU to be a great platform to promote apprenticeship vacancies. We receive a good number of applications on a monthly basis. The NGTU team is very supportive and whenever we require any assistance, they are always very responsive and helpful. The team is very good at providing clear guidance on how we can take full benefit of the package we signed up for to promote our apprenticeships” - Humayara Tarannum, HCUC

We look forward to welcoming you on board 😊

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